Jaime and I would like to invite you to “The Entry”. This is a monthly dinner we host to give us a chance to meet you and your

family as well as give you a chance to find out more about us and Oceans Church and meet some of our team. There is no huge

agenda and most of the time is spent building relationships and getting to know each other. This is a non-threatening atmosphere,

good food and a fun chance for us to meet you! I will share for a few minutes about the story of Oceans. It has been an exciting

time launching our church and I look forward to sharing about what we want to see God do in this area! I know you can get the

“feel” of a church by visiting a few times, but if you want to catch the “Vision” of our church, please join us!

Pastor Michael

THE NEXT ENTRY DATE: Wednesday Nov 6th 6:30 PM at Oceans Church.


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